Shooting disciplines

Romsey Shooting Club is primarily a Practical Shotgun club, although it also participates in 3 gun matches.

Practical shooting is a form of competitive shooting where both speed and accuracy are important. Shooting takes place on a range where several stages have been created. Various obstacles (such as doors, walls etc) are placed within the stage, and targets consisting of fall down steel plates or paper targets are engaged. The competitor moves through the stage engaging the targets according to the stage briefing. Each stage is scored using comstock scoring where both the total time for the stage and accuracy are factored. Several stages, and scores, combine to make a match.

Practical shotgun, as its name suggests is shot with a 12G shotgun using birdshot, buckshot and slug. Mini rifle is similar using a .22 semi auto rifle. Underlever, typically with a .38 lever action rifle.


For existing firearms certificate holders, participation in a given competition can be undertaken by contacting the club secretary for shoot dates. On the day, you must produce your Firearms Certificate and pay the appropriate fee. You must use your own Section 1 shotgun. Alternatively you may use your own section 2 shotgun, or borrow the clubs section 2 shotgun. Section 1 .22 and .38 rifles may be either your own or by using the clubs guns.

For those who do not possess a Firearms Certificate, contact the club secretary.

Costs depend on the membership status and type of shooting event. Typically members pay 3 pounds to shoot locally once a month near Romsey. The club also has access to facilities near Basingstoke where participation costs 15 pounds per day. There are various membership levels which can make these costs lower. For a complete breakdown of costs and membership levels contact the club secretary.

A short history of RSC

After having attended a Practical Shotgun Club Safety Course, run by the West Berkshire Club in November 1987, Alan, Warwick and Ken met up at the Luzborough Public House to discuss the possibility of forming a Practical Shotgun Club in the Romsey area.

Having decided that it was worthwhile giving it a go the next step was the formation of a Club Committee. The following appointments were decided upon

This left the position of Treasurer to be filled so, in her absence, Alan's partner - Jill - was co-opted.

The next problem to be resolved was finding a suitable piece of land upon which to shoot. When discussing the matter with a colleague, Alan was told that there was a very pro-shooting farmer near Romsey. Alan went to visit him to discuss the possibility of using a piece of his land and the farmer said that there was a small wood that the projected Club could use. By January 1988 the Romsey Shotgun Club was up and running.

At the Annual General Meeting of 1998 it was decided, with effect from 1st April 1999, to change the Club name to the Romsey Shooting Club. During March 2004, at a Special General Meeting held by E-mail, it was unanimously decided that Alan should be awarded an Honorary Life Membership in recognition of all the service and support he has given to The Club over the previous 17 years.

Today we are a vibrant club with over 60Members among whom we have one IPSC CRO/UKPSA RM, one UKPSA CRO, three UKPSA RO and five NRA RO.

Most of our Members have passed the UKPSA Safety Course - it is a condition of membership that all Members take & pass this Course during their first year.

The Club holds Shoots on average 14 times each year: - at least 7 at our Home Range, 3 at the Shield, Open Competitions in Dorset and 2 Inter-Club 3-gun Competitions; 1 with the Two Rivers Shooting Club based at Hartland in North Devon and the other with the Christchurch Gun Club in Dorset.